QCARE Program Offerings for School Year 2020-21

Full Day Programs

Nurturing full day care support to remote learns and provide after school enrichment and fun for grades K through age 13. Programs run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays. Program starts 30 minutes prior to school opening and goes until 5:30PM.

Wednesday Full Day

A full day support option on Wednesdays for grades K through age 13 during remote learning time. Once learning is complete, our after will involve enrichment and fun. This is our only program option for Wednesday. Program starts 30 minutes prior to school opening and goes until 4:00PM.

School Day Programs

Support during the school day only (no afterschool) for remote learning time. Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays. Program starts 30 minutes prior to school opening and goes 30 minutes after school closing.

Kindergarten AM/PM Extension

Kindergarten extension program either prior to (PM Extension) or after (AM Extension).

Afterschool Programs

“Laptops away, it’s time to play”  QCARE offers afterschool enrichment and fun programs for grades K through age 13.  Programs run on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays.  Program starts right after school ends and goes until 5:30PM.


Early Schools                            Atherton, Bernazzani, Lincoln Hancock, Merrymount, and Wollaston.

Late Schools                             Beechwood Knoll, Montclair, Parker, and Squantum.

*Please note:  We are currently open at Atherton, Beechwood Knoll, Bernazzani, Lincoln Hancock, Merrymount, and Squantum.  Montclair, Parker, and Wollaston will open once enrollments are high enough.  We still encourage you to register!

School Type Type of Care Program Hours of Care  Cost/Day
Early Full Day (M, Tue, Thur, Fri) 7:15AM to 5:30PM  $74.00
Early Full Day Wedesday 7:15AM to 4:00PM  $50.00
Early School Day 7:15AM-2:30PM  $56.00
Early PM Kindergarten Extension 7:15AM to 11:30AM  $28.75
Early Kindergarten AM Extension 10:15AM to 2:30PM  $28.75
Early After School 2:00PM to 5:30PM  $35.00
Late Full Day (M, Tue, Thur, Fri) 7:45AM to 5:30PM  $74.00
Late Full Day Wedesday 7:45AM to 4:00PM  $50.00
Late School Day 7:45AM-3:00PM  $56.00
Late PM Kindergarten Extension 7:45AM to 12:00PM  $28.75
Late Kindergarten AM Extension 10:45AM to 3:00PM  $28.75
Late After School 2:30PM to 5:30PM  $35.00




Complete the Request for Care Form completely below to request care options for each child you would like to enroll with QCARE. When completing the form, please provide as much accurate information as you are able. Once the form is received, a member of the registration team will send an email to inform you that you have been placed on a waiting list, OR you will receive a phone call to discuss program availability and the registration process.

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    PROGRAM REGISTRATION CHOICES: (Please check the corresponding box next to the program and days you would like care):

    Program Description Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Kindergarten AM Extension (M, Tu, Thu, Fri) Mo Tu Th Fr
    Kindergarten PM Extension (M, Tu, Thu, Fri) Mo Tu Th Fr
    Afterschool Program (Monday through Friday) Mo Tu Wen Th Fr

    Questions and comments:


    Once you have been contacted to schedule a registration appointment, you will be sent a link via email to complete the Child File Application and Link online and pay a $50 registration fee to begin enrollment. After your online application is completed, you will be contacted by a registration specialist from our main office.

    For more information about registration or the complete QCARE enrollment policy, please review the registration section of the QCARE QCARE Parent/Guardian Handbook or contact the QCARE main office at 617-773-3299.