Volunteer or Intern with QCARE

  • QCARE occasionally utilizes volunteers for assistance at program sites as well as interns for support with administrative responsibilities. All individuals who wish to volunteer at QCARE must complete a Volunteer Application. Individuals interested in an internship opportunity must submit a resume and detailed email indicating the desired internship opportunity/college assignment.  Upon review of the application/email, a QCARE administrator will conduct an interview, and the candidate must complete a successful full BRC check (including the SORI/SORI and FBI fingerprinting requirement).  Volunteers must be a minimum of 15 years old AND be a minimum of a sophomore in High School.  Once accepted as a program volunteer or intern, the candidate will complete the QCARE Volunteer Orientation with a program administrator, which will highlight the volunteer’s responsibilities at the program, as well as other general training.  Volunteers working at site locations are supervised under the direct visual supervision of a qualified QCARE educator.
  • If you would like to obtain a Volunteer Application or to discuss a desired internship opportunity, please email [email protected]